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Your idea, your app

You’ve had a great idea for an app. A lot of people get that far. Very few follow it through and ever see that idea sold on the App Store or Google Play. Our App Design course has been written by an author who has first-hand experience of completing this journey with astounding success.

Chris Stevens has sold over half a millions apps, including the huge hit Alice for the iPad. He has carefully structured and written the Skillsology App Design course with practical usage in mind.  Each subject covered, from platforms to marketing to partnering with a programmer to integrating sounds has been written to equip you with the information and know-how to manage the process of designing an app with confidence, from concept to store.

Our course includes articles, exercises, video interviews and infographics to keep you engaged throughout.  Start the course today and see your app come to life in just a few weeks.

Why choose us?

Our Chief Writer, Chris Stevens...


Also from the writers of our course...

  • Has shipped over half-a-million mobile apps; designer behind multiple number one apps.
  • Authored best-selling app-design books Designing for the iPad and Appillionaires.
  • Featured in Apple's global TV ad campaigns for the iPad.
  • Won a Guardian Media Award for his work as a journalist, and two Kirkus awards for his apps.
  • Designed Alice for the iPad. Gizmodo called it "The cleverest iPad book yet". The BBC said it was "A glimpse of the future of digital reading". Oprah Winfrey said it would "change the way kids learn". 

The writers, editors and commentators of our course, test, exercises and videos are experienced app developers. Below is a selection from their collective portfolio. From left to right, Alice for iPad, Alice in New York, Bauble, 6zer0 and Nursery Rhymes.

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What our customers have to say:

"I've been on many technology courses in my time, and I do like your course material. It's succinct, no waffling to pad the course out, and the exercises are designed to make you think, rather than just regurgitate information. So, I probably spend a little more time than each unit indicates, but that's me and not a criticism.

It's particularly nice to have a real world successful app to investigate and pull apart, rather than the usual lame "Hello World" followed by distinct examples which don't actually build up to anything.

It's refreshing to have Chris Stevens behind the material, as he's a pragmatist, he's actually got off his derrière and created an app, rather than the average course author where they are talking from a theory stance and have no real world experience – they're just out to make a buck off the back of technology."

Steve Pearce, Creative Consultant at Square Marbles

Hayley’s App

Generating an original idea from learning and then realising that idea into a business is not an easy task. So we were extremely pleased to hear from Hayley, who had taken our online App Course back in 2012. She has since put together and managed a team of developers and designers to create SymbolSmash, an app which introduces classical music to children via an interactive, storybook adventure.


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